About PeopleSmart Now

PeopleSmart Now is a purposeful business which provides educational products and services for developing human potential, improving communication and enhancing relationships. 

We believe that every single individual has patterns and behaviors which can hold them back from living an exceptional life, which is why our mission is to help our clients discover their own uniqueness and become even more empowered in their lives.

Our business is operated by heart-centred visionary leaders who are committed to positively impacting others through proven systems, methods, tools and resources. We assist you in getting to know your own personality traits through DISC profiling (As seen in Money & You), and then using these traits to become unstoppable in every area in your life. Our purpose is to:


  • Transform the way you see yourself and others.

  • DISCover your own self-worth and really own it!

  • Help you move forward with your relationships with others and yourself.

  • Build fulfilling relationships at home and in the workplace.

  • Support you in developing people-literate skills.


Through our expert advice and transformational coaching, you’ll be on your way to experiencing a life you never thought possible. Book a session with us today and get ready to level up in every area of your life.

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