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We believe that every single individual has behaviours and patterns which make them unique.

PeopleSmart NOW is a purposeful business which offers coaching and educational products for developing human potential. We are committed to positively impacting others through our tools and resources.

Through our expert coaching, easy online assessments and proven tools and methods, we assist you in getting to know your own personality traits through DISC profiling (As seen in Money & You), enabling you to discover your own uniqueness and empower you in a way you never thought possible.

Our programs have been designed to enhance all areas of your life and give you the right tools you need to be able to communicate effectively in your work, business and relationships. These tools allow you to develop a more collaborative and cohesive culture at home, in your business or workplace.

We believe that when we become more authentic within ourselves, we not only are better leaders, teachers, parents and business owners but our lives become filled with more joy, success, empowerment and prosperity. This enables us to communicate more effectively, live a more purposeful life and DISCover ourselves and our relationships in a profound way.


Our programs will enable you to DISCover more about yourself, teach you powerful communication skills and give you the tools you need to create an amazing and fulfilling life.

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