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Are you ready to dive deeper into understanding about what is in your report?


Learn tips about how to apply DISC-tinctions to all your personal and business relationships.


What you get in this session - 90 mins online call
People reading is the ability to read a person's needs based upon their observable behavior. With this ability you can shift your mindset from judging yourself and others to accepting yourself and them.

In this session you will:

  • Learn how to adapt your style in different situations for creating rapport when meeting people for the first time.
  • Gain insights into your own profile report - your strengths, motivators and fears.
  • Develop the ability to people read by knowing what to observe in others for effective communication.
  • Learn people-literacy - a language to describe behavior that will give you a way to manage and lead others when communicating with them.

    90 mins online one-on-one session (Zoom) to debrief your DISC report.

  • Requirement

    You must have taken a DISC Report. If you haven NOT completed a DISC Report then we recommend the DISCovering Me Report (sold separate to this coaching session). A 20% discount will be given for those needing to complete a report. After having purchased your Online Coaching Session we will send you a 20% discount Coupon Code for using at the checkout when purchasing your DISCovering Me Report. 

  • Delivering Terms and Conditions

    Once the payment has come through you will received a email to confirm the session time, and the link to the assessment if you purchased.

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