About the Founder

Hi, I'm Tomomi Wynne

Wife, Mother and Founder of PeopleSmart Now

My personal journey to self-discovery started in 2016 after I graduated from Money & You, a lifechanging program which offers exceptional teachings on how to take your business, career, relationships and entrepreneurial skills to the next level.


I felt so connected to this way of living that I knew I had to somehow become involved. This led me to become a licensee of PeopleSmart Enterprise - the company which provided DISC online assessments to the Money & You program, as well as a certified practitioner of PeopleSmart DISC interpretation and a facilitator of the DISCovering Me program for youths.


Since then, I have learnt strategies to shift and manage my own personality style and state of being, allowing me to get to know myself even more deeply. I have facilitated group workshops, presented at conferences and have a big a passion for helping people discover their self-worth, as well as acceptance of the greatness of themselves and others.


My vision is to bring back the joy that is experienced by being with other people, help others connect back to their authentic selves and make a difference to society by creating a PeopleSmart world.

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